Bill Montgomery Our Maricopa County Attorney | Bill’s Philosophy
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Bill’s Philosophy

Bill’s philosophy on criminal justice is a simple one: as a society we must always strive to provide “justice for all.” This includes justice for the victims of crime, as well as for the accused. We must also ensure that our criminal justice system inspires trust and confidence, among our fellow citizens, that criminals are being held accountable for their wrongdoing and are receiving all appropriate punishment.

star Fairness to All star

Our State and Federal Constitutions provide a framework, enhanced by rules of criminal procedure and rules of evidence, that safeguard an accused person’s basic and fundamental right to a fair trial. It is also a prosecutor’s duty and responsibility to ensure that right is protected when reviewing, charging, and prosecuting crimes. To that end, prosecutors must exercise sound discretion, always looking to see that justice is done, when wielding the authority and discretion our criminal justice system gives prosecutors.


In the end, the greater the public confidence in the ability of our criminal justice system to hold criminals accountable and ensure that just punishments are handed down, the more orderly our society remains.