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Bill Montgomery – Our County Attorney

“I want to thank the citizens of Maricopa County for electing me to serve another term as their County Attorney,” said Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney. “I appreciate the trust and confidence the voters have in me and look forward to continue working to protect our citizens and make our neighborhoods safe,” he added.


Montgomery won even though the George Soros funded Arizona Safety & Justice Committee pumped nearly $2 million dollars into the race on behalf of Montgomery’s opponent. “The citizens of Maricopa County are intelligent and know when someone is trying to buy an election. This race demonstrates that George Soros’ dark money cannot buy the votes of the people of Maricopa County,” said Montgomery.


Overall crime in Maricopa County is at a 50-year low with violent crime at a 45-year low. Homicide, burglary, and auto theft rates are also at all-time lows while prosecutors continue to deliver innovative diversion and deferred prosecution programs to reduce recidivism.


Our County Attorney

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was elected with over 70% support from the community in the last two elections. Our County Attorney has worked to effectively fight crime, honor the rights of victims of crime and protect and strengthen our community.


Frantz Beasley

Frantz Beasley

Endorsing Bill Montgomery for his integrity & efficiency as County Attorney


Bill has ensured that justice is done in each and every case, whether offering diversion alternatives to felony prosecution, innovative approaches to addressing substance abuse and offender inclination to commit crime without using incarceration, to identifying harsher approaches to habitual violent criminals and repetitive offenders.

star Community Based Prosecution star

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has increased the efficiency of the office to maximize service to the community. For example, Mr. Montgomery reorganized the trial bureaus to focus on defined areas of Maricopa County. Known as the Community Based Prosecution Division, this unit affords better cooperation and communication between prosecutors, law enforcement, and the communities we serve. The results are evident in the makeup of our prison population where over 95% of inmates have violent and/or multiple felony convictions, representing the criminal element most responsible for causing injury and harm to our fellow citizens and community. This community prosecution focus is also fostering innovative programs in precincts and neighborhoods where specific criminal activity has been defined.

Crime Victim Rights and Advocacy

The rights of victims of crime are a continuing emphasis for Bill and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Our County Attorney maintains a commitment to protecting and preserving the rights of victims of crime without jeopardizing the rights of the accused. Innovative and national award winning programs such as our K-9 Victim Support Program demonstrate our efforts to do as much as we can to address the fear and confusion that can be associated with the criminal justice system as a victim of crime.


For far too long, victims of crime were viewed as merely a necessary “piece of evidence” in the presentation of a criminal case. Victims were all too often kept in the dark when it came to the status of a criminal case, let alone when hearings were going to be held or even how a case was ultimately resolved. Since a criminal case is brought on behalf of the state, victims were not seen as having a real stake in the proceedings. Bill has represented crime victims in both state and federal courts and fully supports the enforcement of the rights of crime victims. He has also appeared as an advocate for the rights of crime victims before the Arizona State Legislature.


We must never forget that when a criminal harms one person in our community, we are all harmed in one way or another. Crime victims deserve our support and prayers for healing.




Year Low in Arizona Crime


Year Low in Murder


Year Low in Violent Crime


Year Low in Robbery


Year Low in Property Crime

Arizona’s auto theft rate has not been this low since at least 1960.

Strengthening Our Community

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is involved in a number of outreach efforts to protect and strengthen our local communities. Some of these community programs include Shred-A-Thons, Prescription Drug Turn-In, Citizen Safety Forums and the Citizens’ Academy.

star  Awards

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has been honored with a number of awards since Bill became your County Attorney. The National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards is a nationwide program designed to recognize county governments for innovative community programs. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s office has been awarded 12 such awards in the past 6 years.